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Abe Hassan

Wow. :) What's the backstory??

Account Deleted

I remember that you're talking about the moving at the final foo bar. I'm glad that you made the decision. Go Kevin, Go! :-)

Rahul Ganjoo

+1 to what Masa said. Well done and all the best!



Kevin G.

Thanks, guys! For sure it was folks like you and Tanimoto that inspired me to try it in the first place.

Abe, you want the back story? How about: "life is short" and "you only get to go around once", not to mention "All of humanity's problems stem from man's inability to sit quietly in a room alone." Actually, forget that last one.

Though really, Poland was appealing because none of us speak *any* Polish, so the three of us will be starting at the same level, and it's different from California but not *too* different. Not like, say, Uganda.

Account Deleted

How could I miss this post?! Did I inspire you?! I'm just poor at planning ahead. :) But thanks! I hope you and your family do well!!

Kevin G.

Dude, you totally inspired me!


Congrats on the bold move and good luck on the new country!

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