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Linda Haynes

you mean to say that you had or have a Coal burning stove ?
Hah ! that must be... I am speechless , both picturesque and yet ... hard work ?
any up date on the refrigerator.. you probably rented or bought one along time ago,but have not mentioned it in your Poland Blog....Ohh and Kevin , will you indulge me and write a bit about Halloween in Poland ? Or is it just a American Holiday ?
Love ,
Auntie Linda

Kevin G.

Nah, it was removed long before we moved in. They were really common, the looked like this: http://pokepeek.com/ChrisPoland1/DCP_0985.jpg

Sadly, they don't do Halloween here at all. It's truly just an American holiday, though the cheesier bits are getting popular in the U.K, much to the consternation of the English. Here Nov. 1 is All-Saints Day, everybody has the day off, they go and put flowers in cemetaries, but no special family meals or anything.

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